The Wisdom Deck

The Wisdom Deck

The Wisdom Deck is made up of 55 cards, each containing one of the 55 Proverbs that we believe to be the most useful to the lives of teenagers. In addition, the cards are coded on the back to make Scripture more accessible to students. While we've done our best to categorize the various verses. Proverbs are rich and will often apply to many of life's issues. Therefore, the categorizations are intended to serve as a help; they're not meant to be exhaustive.

The Elements of Wisdom

In order to grow in wisdom, we must increase in the three basic elements of wisdom:

  1. Insights - an understanding of the nature of the world's systems, human behavior, and the consequences of our actions
  2. Values - what God considers worthy and good
  3. Practices - the skills needed to manage self, others, and resources, as well as to exercise justice and to make good decisions

When trying to work through personal problems with students, it's helpful to ask yourself, What element can best help them with their problem? Are they lacking insight? Are their values misaligned? Do they need to develop a new practice that can help them? The book of Proverbs is full of practical help to enrich our understanding of the elements.

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