The Wisdom Deck

Wisdom Resources

Below is a list of websites or other resources that can be found online for more on wisdom.

Real World Parents

A website with ideas for how families can integrate faith into their everyday lives. The site includes discussion starters for Parents, movie reviews with follow-up questions and more. This is also the home of the Real World Parent Seminar.

Wisdom On…Series

The Wisdom On... series is a collection of easy-to-read books designed to help teens apply biblical wisdom to their everyday lives. Using case studies, personal inventories, interactive activities, and helpful insights from Proverbs, students will find each book to be engaging and enlightening. Author Mark Matlock addresses the big issues teens face, such as relationships, decision-making, money, parents, and media, and will also help them understand what wisdom looks like in the not-so-big things as well. offers wisdom resources for teenagers on daily living. With features such as music and movies reviews, aims to help students live life with Biblical wisdom.

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