The Wisdom Deck

Crystal and Jen

Crystal and Jen have practically grown up together.  They met in first grade and have been friends ever since, now they are in high school just about to enter their senior year.  Jen’s parents divorced a few years ago and Jen spends every summer with her mother who remarried. She spends the school year here in town with her dad. 

This year, their senior year, Jen has returned to school with a new attitude that no one can stand.  It seems that while she was at her mother’s house she had a born-again experience.  She has now officially accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and savior.  She is driving Crystal crazy.

Over the years Jen and Crystal had had many talks about God and religion and their own beliefs.  Jen went to Crystal’s church with her a few times.  They both were in an Easter Sunrise service but religion was never the basis of their friendship.  Now everything out of Jen’s mouth is Jesus…Jesus…Jesus.  She wears a WWJD bracelet that she consults likes it some kind of Magic Eight Ball.  She won’t go to R rated movies anymore.  She won’t listen to what USE to be their favorite band because the singer says the F-word.  She won’t go to Crystal’s house anymore because Crystal has posters of a cute actor in her room and he isn’t wearing many clothes. 

Crystal and Jen have never had big issues over religion but now Jen seems to be using hers to pass judgment on the people around her.  Crystal has been invited out by other girls several times but they tell her to “not bring along the Jesus-freak.”

The friends that they had together are dropping away one by one.  One Friday night Crystal was talking about how it was the two of them and they never go out and do things with school friends anymore. Jen said, “Well, they aren’t a very good influence on you anyway.  We need to get you saved so you don’t care what they think anymore.  Who needs them?”


Cut the deck and give each of your students a section.  Have them sort though the cards and see if there is anything they feel fit’s the situation.  Have them imagine themselves sitting at the coffee shop with Crystal. Put that proverb in your own words and say it like you were offering advice to her.  Now imagine Jen is sitting there also…does that change your choice of Proverb?


Say Something Like:  When we use the Wisdom Deck we have to open ourselves to the movement of God’s Holy Spirit.  I realize this is just a story but let’s imagine its not.  Let imagine you or someone you know is in that situation.  I’m going to pass the deck around the circle and I want each of you to choose one at random.  Think of ways it applies to Crystal’s situation.


Say Something Like:  Let’s look at the 7 icons on the back of the wisdom deck. 
Think about Jen, Crystal, and the other friends in this situation.  Choose one icon for each. Now pull ten cards at random that feature that icon and make a pile for each individual. (Don’t look at the actual Proverbs yet.)

  • What other icons overlap between the three piles?
  • Is there an icon that seems to speak to the “old” Jen?
  • What are some ways these overlapping areas between the three piles could be fed?
  • Have you ever felt like you needed help in any of these areas?

Turn the cards over and read the Proverbs.  Choose one Proverb from each pile that speaks best to the situation.  Put this in your own words as if you were offering friendly advice.

Choose which of the three seems to speak to you and something you may be going through.  Now see if you could rephrase that proverb down to the simplest possible advice. (Four words or less,)  Write that new wisdom on a blank index card.  Take it home with you and put it by your mirror or wherever you get ready for school.  Read it everyday and ask God to help you be wise in that respect.

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