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Case Studies

Use the following case studies to roll play different scenarios with your youth group using The Wisdom Deck.

The Church and the Pregnant Teen

Shelly loves church.  She has since she was a little girl. When she was in junior high she started helping out with Vacation Bible School as a teacher’s aid.  She sings in the choir, she’s in the church drama group; she has gone to the local shelter with her church to work in the kitchen many times.  She is currently the president of the youth group.  It’s not an honorary title.  She has many responsibilities including attending all the church board meetings with the youth minister. 

The church seems to love her in return.  They are happy she is…

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Crystal and Jen

Crystal and Jen have practically grown up together.  They met in first grade and have been friends ever since, now they are in high school just about to enter their senior year.  Jen’s parents divorced a few years ago and Jen spends every summer with her mother who remarried. She spends the school year here in town with her dad. 

This year, their senior year, Jen has returned to school with a new attitude that no one can stand.  It seems that while she was at her mother’s house she had a born-again experience.  She has now officially accepted…

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